Newsletter – Cello City

The last issue of Cello City Ink, as a hard copy printed newsletter, came out in November of 2009. We decided to switch to an electronic newsletter, Cello City Ink Online which will be e-mailed to our e-mail list.


If you would like to receive these e-newsletters, and you haven’t heard from us recently by e-mail, please send your e-mail address to us at Cello City Ink was the newsletter of the NDCA.

Published twice a year in the Fall and Spring since 1992, Cello City Ink contained interviews, reviews, articles, and other information related to alternative or non-classical cello. Cello City Ink will publish portions of the newsletter on the Web, but to really get the full scoop — and to help support what we are trying to do — we encourage you to become a member.


In addition to articles, reviews, interviews, information on new recordings, pictures from the NDCFest and more, CCI has advertisements of related products like electric cellos, pick-ups, on classical sheet music, etc. So if you love the cello and are into jazz, blues, pop, folk, rock, experimental, etc., you’ll probably want to be a member of the only organization dedicated exclusively to this growing field!

Excerpts from Cello City Ink:

White, Chris.  “New Directions | Looking Back”  Cello City Ink. Spring/Summer 2007.

Smolen, Sera.  “Pushing the Parameters of Reality: An interview with Marston Smith Cello City Ink.

          Spring/Summer 2004.

Smolen, Sera.  “Saskia Rao de Haas Interview: Study the Past, Re-Invent the Future.”  Cello City Ink.

          Fall/Winter 2003.

Smolen, Sera.  “Interview with Stephanie Winters.”  Cello City Ink. Fall/Winter 2002.

Smolen, Sera. Hank Roberts Interview (excerpt).”  Cello City Ink. Spring/Summer 1998.