2011 Festival Workshops


Workshops 2011!

Join us for over 20 workshops and Jam sessions.

Maybe you are one of our young people with or without experience improvising,

…or a University Cello Major, an Adult Amateur,
…or a Professional Teacher looking to learn how to include the National Standards for Music Education,
…or if you are a recording Artist and a seasoned performer,

There will be wonderful workshops for you!
Below you will find some of the workshops you can look forward to at our:

17th Annual New Directions Cello Festival at Ithaca College, June 10‐12, 2011.

Eugene F solo hi-res photo
Eugene Friesen:

Choros on Cellos — The choro repertoire of Brazil is perfectly suited for cello. With beautiful melodies, surprising harmonic twists and infectious rhythm, choros highlight a unique facet of our instrument and offer ample opportunities for innovation and improvisation. Assisted by Brazilian percussionist Café da Silva and pianist Tim Ray, Eugene will demonstrate and teach his “choro pizz” technique, and briefly survey the repertoire. Sunday June 12: 10:10 A.M. – 11:10 A.M.

Freedom and Imagination at the CelloEugene Friesen outlines the path to musical liberation for cellists: the balance between rigor and surrender, techniques to apply musical theory and ear training to the cello, and survival as an independent musician.
Saturday June 11: 9 – 10 A.M.

Renata Bratt
Renata Bratt

Chording (and Chopping!) on 3Cello Learn and perform chords on the cello. Playing chords improves three things: our understanding of music theory ‐ how chords work together with melody, learning the positions on every string, and intonation. In addition, playing chords teaches us how to accompany others. Besides adding rhythmic flair, chopping gives our bow hands an essential work‐out; it teaches our fingers to move independently, lends agility to string crossing, cross‐trains spiccato, sautille and setting the bow and boosts wrist flexibility. Led by Renata Bratt. Saturday June 11: 2 P.M. – 3 P.M.

Play it and back it up! — You can perform fiddle tunes and accompany them too.
For tunes, learn where the slurs and accents go to make this style pop! Adding “grace” notes or ornaments is key. Accompanying fiddle tunes is fun; everyone can do it. By identifying the chord structure of the tune (music provided), learn to construct two to four string chords, bass lines and to tie it all together with the grooving rhythmic patterns provided in Chording (and Chopping!). Led by Renata Bratt.
Saturday June 11: 10:10 A.M. – 11:10 A.M.

Jazz Improvisation — We will explore basic Jazz Rhythmic Structures, the Blues Scale, Basic Melodic Motifs, Playing over Chord Changes, Chords and Backup Harmony. Led by Renata Bratt.
Sunday June 12: 9 A.M. – 10 A.M.

Mike Block:

Improvising with Others ‐- Do you think of improvisation as taking a “solo”? We will use improvisation as a tool to interact with group members, and as a method for efficiently creating compositions. Friday June 10: 1 – 2 P.M.

Pizzicato ‐- We will learn non‐traditional techniques, and explore when and why to use them appropriately and effectively. Led by Mike Block. Friday June 10: 2:10 – 3:10 P.M.

Corbin Keep:

Steal This Music! — Transcribing and adapting music from other instruments to cello. Led by Corbin Keep.
Friday June 10: 1 – 2 P.M.

Ferengi Ears — Jam session with Corbin Keep. Friday June 10: 3:20 – 4:20 P.M.

Chris White:

Storm Over Asia — Based on a silent film, we will learn some strategies for improvising music in this genre. Led by Chris White. After the workshop, have a jam session creating music to this acclaimed silent film. Saturday June 11: 11:20 A.M. – 12:20 P.M.

Jam Session after Workshop in the Afternoon, Saturday June 11: 2 P.M. – 3 P.M.

Swing, Bossa and Jazz — What are the differences in bass lines between these three styles? Create bass lines in each style, then play a composition and improvise in each style with Chris White.
Friday June 10: 1 – 2 P.M.

Sera Smolen:

Off the Page — Based on a new collection of pieces which allows cellists to learn to modulate as they improvise, we will play heads and take solos. Led by Sera Smolen. Saturday June 11: 3:10 P.M. – 4:10 P.M.

Xerox the CloudsWe will explore the world of creating cello music with poetry. We will break into groups, and end with performances of poetry with cello. Led by Sera Smolen with Susan Hoover.
Saturday June 11: 11:20 A.M. – 12:20 P.M.

All My Love’s in Vain–Blues Jam session. We will begin with E blues, a favorite key for guitarists the world around…but also a scale played by beginning cellists. We will also play C blues and D blues, providing bass lines and charts to read as we play. Led by Sera Smolen. Saturday June 11: 10:10 A.M. – 11:10 A.M.

Sachino Tsinadze:

Cello Fantasy — Explore playing by ear and creating your own music with the cellonator, Sachino Tsinadze.
Exhibition Room. Saturday June 11: 1:15 P.M. – 2 P.M.

Pedals, Processors, and Gear.Saturday June 11: 11:20 A.M. – 12:20 P.M.

TJ Borden:
Liberated Sound — Outside‐the‐Box Sonic Exploration‐‐‐How do we organize sound on the spot without the help of a tonal center or a steady pulse? Geared towards those who are interested in creating musical worlds that redefine which sounds are and aren’t “acceptable” in music. Led by TJ Borden. Sunday June 12: 9 A.M. – 10 A.M

The Cello as a Found Object — Explore beyond arco and pizzicato. Use the tools you have to extract a wide range of sounds and textures from your cello. Led by TJ Borden. Friday June 10: 3:20 – 4:20 P.M.

Stephen Katz:

Flying Pizzicato — Bring depth and detail to your cello strumming repertoire. Learn Applied Grooves and Excerpts from Stephen’s Flying Pizzicato Repertoire. Saturday June 10: 3:10 – 4:10 P.M.

Kevin Fox:

Introduction to a World without Notation Friday June 10: 2:10 – 3:10 P.M.

Improvising Music Over a Familiar TuneSaturday June 10: 2 – 3 P.M.

Tom Culver:

Cello Big Band. Friday June 10: 4:30 – 5:45 P.M.; Saturday June 11: 4:30 – 5:45 P.M. Sunday June 12: 11:20 A.M. – 12:20 P.M.

Cello Big Band Concert


Sunday Afternoon 2-3 P.M. June 12, 2011