New Directions Cello Festival 2013

The 19th Annual New Directions Cello Festival

Cellists gather from around the country and the world to learn and share about how the cello is being used in different non-classical styles of music.

See the 2013 Schedule of Events.

The New Directions Cello Festival is a performance and educational forum for non-classical cello, featuring performances, workshops, and jam sessions led by guest artists (and their groups) who are pioneering new directions for cellists in a wide variety of styles. Keep an eye on this website for the latest information. Also join our Facebook group

This year’s guest artists:

Alex Kelly


Alex Kelly is a San Francisco based cellist, composer, electronic musician and conductor.

Ben Sollee 


Ben Sollee is a cellist and singer songwriter whose music is a unique mix of folk, bluegrass, jazz and R&B. 

Rushad Eggleston


Rushad Eggleston is a wild improvisational cellist who plays a mix of rock, jazz, Americana and bluegrass.

Daniel Levin


Daniel Levin has been on the rise since his Don’t Go It Alone debut in 2003. He is an artist who is making the cello a prominent force in jazz composition. He now has 8 albums as a leader. Joining Daniel at this year’s festival will be Ivo Perelman – saxophone and Juan Pablo Carletti – drums.

Laura Moody 


Laura Moody from London is a cellist and vocalist who explores what is possible using only solo cello and voice to create unique, acoustic, avant-pop music.

Cloud Chamber Orchestra


Cloud Chamber Orchestra specializes in totally improvised music for live screenings of silent films. Robby Aceto; guitars, looping atmospherics and live audio captures. Peter Dodge; trumpet, baritone horn, piano, percussion, voice. Chris White; cello, looping and electronics.