2007 New Directions Cello Festival

The 13th annual New Directions Cello Festival was held June 8 – 10, 2007 in Sacramento California at California State University Sacramento. All activities took place in Capistrano Hall. See below for concert information.

The festival began at noon on Friday and ran through 3 pm on Sunday.

The New Directions Cello Festival is a performance and educational forum for nonclassical cello, featuring performances, workshops, and jam sessions led by guest artists (and their groups) who are pioneering new directions for cellists in a wide variety of styles. There is also a Cello Big Band open to all and an exhibit of electric cellos and other related products.

Guest artists included Gideon Freudmann, Dana Leong, Nancy Kulkarni, Zoe Keating, Jeffrey McFarland-Johnson and the groups Break of Reality and Water Bear.




7:30 Nancy Kulkarni and Daniel Kennedy – acoustic (Indian style) cello with percussion
8:30 Dana Leong and his trio – electric cello, keyboards and drums
9:30 Water Bear – acoustic quartet – 2 cello, 2 violins

7:30 Gideon Freudmann – solo acoustic & electric cello
8:30 Zoe Keating – solo acoustic & electric cello
9:30 Break of Reality – 3 cellos and drums – acoustic and electric

(free concert)
1:30 Jeffrey McFarland-Johnston – 5 string electric cello, electronics & tracks
2:00 Cello Big Band

Concerts will be held in the Music Recital Hall at the music building, Capistrano Hall, on the campus of California State University Sacramento. All concerts are open to the public. Tickets will be available at the door and cost $20 for adults, $12 students and seniors and $6 for those under 12 years old. Seating is general admission.

For directions to the university or a campus map go to http://www.csus.edu/pa/directions.html For specific directions to Capistrano Hall (where the festival activities take place) go to www.csus.edu/pa/directionsvenues.html

Festival Registration

THE 17th Annual NEW DIRECTIONS CELLO FESTIVAL will take place June 10 – 12, 2011 at Ithaca College in Ithaca NY