What: Cloud Chamber Orchestra (Robby Aceto, Peter Dodge, Chris White)

When: Saturday October 20th at 8 PM

Where: Carriage House Hayloft, 305 Stewart Ave.

Why: New CD Release “GRASS”

How: Admission: $5 (CD’s $10 with admission)

Cloud Chamber Orchestra is pleased to announce the CD release of their first ever recording; GRASS: music inspired by the film and they plan to celebrate the release with a night of their unique style of improvised music at the Carriage House Hayloft on Saturday October 20th.

“Searing, haunting, mesmerizing, the Cloud Chamber Orchestra’s brilliant improvised score for the landmark documentary GRASS (1925) rewires the relationship between live music and silent film…sharply considered, intellectually rigorous, their exquisitely rendered music winds itself deep into the listener, and leaves us somewhere we do not know, but where we need to be…they exert a profound respect for archival (film) material, and how their contemporary musical strategies can work to exorcise what is latent in the images of a previous century…”

—Patty Zimmerman, Professor of Screen Studies, Ithaca College

“…gorgeous, meditative… an album of spectral beauty…” — Anil Prassad, INNERVIEWS

Formed in 2008 to create live improvised music scores for silent film, Cloud Chamber Orchestra has forged a well-earned reputation for creating inventive, deeply textural, often startling improvised music for screenings of silent films. Drawing from a wealth of musical sensibilities, they fearlessly incorporate incredibly diverse musical styles and employ a wide-range of instruments such as cello, trumpet, baritone horn, electric/prepared guitar, piano, hand percussion, voice, toy instruments, circuit-bending, electronica, atmospheric looping, and tape effects. Comprised of three well-known veteran musicians (Robby Aceto, Peter Dodge, Chris White), their performances are by design, one-time events, never to be repeated.

Recorded live at the closing event of FINGER LAKES ENVIRONMENTAL FILM FESTIVAL2008, their sumptuous, atmospheric score for GRASS is a must have for fans of genre-busting improvised music.

Carriage House Hayloft, 305 Stewart Ave., on Saturday October 20th at 8 PM

Admission: $5.

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