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Louder Than Words Louder Than Words

Kelly Ellis & Ancient Device - From NW Arkansas.

Ancient Device $16.00
Bison Rouge Bison Rouge

Ranges from parlor popular to European avante garde

Ashia Grzesik $16.00
True | Dawn Avery True

Dawn, vocals, cello, & composition with percussionists Tom McGrath, Glen Velez, Saam Schlamminger, Persian Master – Reza Derakshani, singer/percussionist – Phil Hamilton & more! World Music in a contemporary style from Africa, Native America, Brazil, Greece,Australia.

Dawn Avery $16.00
Water from the Well Water from the Well

With a light and magical touch, this album entrances the spirit and mesmerizes the imagination.

Dawn Buckholz Avery and Reza $16.00
Skinnydipping | Walter Bear Skinnydipping

Composers/Performers: Mer Boel & Ruth Roland, violins; Hank Roberts, cello; Tim Reppert, bass. Guest appearance by Joe Frisino, guitar.


Water Bear $16.00
Twotet/Deuxtet Twotet/Deuxtet

"...pulsating percussive rhythm sets the stage for exploration of the theme - sliding gracefully into a cello break of pleasing classically tinged tonal musings that create emotions of high drama, solitude and passion." - JAZZ REVIEW  [full article]...More

Brubeck Braid $16.00
Eleven Songs in Spring

Special NDCF Edition

New Almaden Quartet $16.00
Dancing On My Hat Dancing On My Hat

Gideon Freudmann and Mark Herschler have recently joined together forming a duo called BROQUE where they combine their musical talents on cello and guitar respectively. For Freudmann and Herschler, the repertoire of Johannes Sebastian Bach is fair game for the field of musical experimentation, melding Bach's compositions with decidedly risky improvisations.  They stretch and reinterpret Classical styles, altering the form and using it as inspiration for new original pieces.

Broque $16.00
Ghost In The Attic Ghost In The Attic

Octagon. Gideon Freudmann teams up with guitarist Mark Herschler (collectively called, .BROQUE) for this beautiful acoustic album - a haunting collection of original, classical, blues and flamenco gems. “In one era and out the other”.

Broque $16.00
Out of the Blue Out of the Blue

In her new solo production Emily Burridge plays the cello in extraordinary and novel ways.

Emily Burridge $16.00
900 Miles 900 Miles

Bethany Yarrow and Rufus Cappadocia manage to get quite a bit out of not much at all. Their spare collaboration on 900 Miles references a wide swath of folk and jazz, but the nocturnal smokiness of Yarrow's haunted alto and Cappadocia's cello combine for a sound that's slightly outside of the usual music universe.

Bethany & Rufus Cappadocia $16.00
Puff & Other Family Classics Puff & Other Family Classics

Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul & Mary fame), his daughter Bethany, and her musical partner Rufus Cappadocia offer their spin on these 11 folk and classic songs for family listening. From the hot bass opening of the jazzy "Blue Tail Fly" to the raw, gutsy "You Better Mind" to the Peter, Paul, and Mary folk classic "Puff, the Magic Dragon," this collection doesn't skip a beat.... 

Peter, Bethany & Rufus Cappadocia $16.00
Invasion Invasion

Alfia Nakipbekova and James Hesford, cellos. This CD is the debut recording of this cult British based ensemble. African, Irish and Indian to soul, bebop and techno meets contemporary classical.

Cellorhythmics $16.00
Heaven Eyes Heaven Eyes

Soundtrack from David Almond's play "Heaven Eyes". The album was a commissioned piece by POP-UP Theatre who performed the play and the Edinbugh Fringe August 2005. 

Cellorhythmics $16.00
The Rise Of The Cellorettes The Rise Of The Cellorettes

"What strange musical roots! Blues, Soul, Progressive Rock, Jazz and 70's pop music. When you are going somewhere else with a classical instrument it is important to be honest about where you're coming from and this is as honest as I can get." James Hesford

The Rise of the Cellorettes is the 2nd Album from the cutting edge cello band Cellorhythmics. Alfia Nakipbekova - Cello. James Hesford - Cellos/Violins/Harmonicas. Marc Layton Bennett -Drums/Percussion. Andy Garbi - Vocals (track 7)

Cellorhythmics $16.00
Chiaroscuro Chiaroscuro

Baker / Marshall Duo performs spontaneous compositions in real time: an unusual and exciting blend of avant-garde jazz, classical and popular music from all eras. 

Baker Marshall Duo $16.00
Across Two Rivers Across Two Rivers

Martha Colby is unlike any Martha Colby out there. She plays the cello and sings. Her music combines set song forms and intense lyrics with layers of improvised cello, creating an unusual and savory cake which you will want to serve as dessert to all of your friends and relatives (or at least the ones who are into that kind of thing). Give it a listen.

Martha Colby $16.00
From Seed To Stone From Seed To Stone

Review by Timothy Stout, February 2005
There's a good portion of me that wants to proclaim County Road X's second release From Seed to Stone the most groundbreaking jazz album since Bitches Brew. I won't do that for two reasons; one, I haven't heard the band's debut album yet, and if it sounds anything remotely close to this then it was that record that would have broken any ground ... Read Full Review

County Road X $16.00
Fiddlesticks | Ampersand Fiddlesticks | Ampersand

Katie & Liz Davis are sisters (hence the same last name.) Once upon a time, Katie was born with a fiddle in her hands, which proved less difficult than when Liz was born exactly two years later with a cello in hers. In the early nineties, the girls' mom Kira, a folk harpist, let them gig with her at Bar Mitzvahs and Renaissance Festivals in Maryland.  What started out as a casual family hobby eventually grew up, moved to Utah, and named itself FiddleSticks.

Katie and Liz Davis $16.00
Fiddlesticks | Big Fiddle Big Fiddle

Long ago the cello was called the "Big Fiddle" in Scotland, and was part of the old style Celtic folk sound. With this album Liz, the FiddleSticks Cellist, revives the tradition of the cello as front and center in Celtic folk music. Liz wrote almost all of the music for this album, with a couple of tunes by Katie.

Liz Davis Maxfield $16.00